Somi Takes the Stage as Host at 2023 MAMA AWARDS with Striking Outfit

Singer Jeon So-mi opened the ‘2023 MAMA AWARDS’ with a bold and unconventional style

On the evening of the 28th, the year-end music awards ceremony ‘2023 MAMA AWARDS’ by CJ ENM kicked off at 6 p.m. at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

The ‘2023 MAMA AWARDS’ is the first domestic awards ceremony to be held at the Tokyo Dome, taking place over two days on the 28th and 29th. Park Bo-gum and Jeon So-mi, who hosted last year, are once again hosting the event this year.

jeon somi

On the first day, co-host Jeon Somi expressed her excitement, saying, “The whole world is paying attention. Powerful energy was felt from the beginning. The Tokyo Dome is very hot.”

On this day, Jeon So-mi showcased a dazzling outfit with an impressive trench coat and a blonde hairstyle. Departing from the neat image usually associated with award ceremony hosts, she emphasized her own charm by presenting a lovely style that represents Gen Z.

Jeon Somi added, “I feel really sorry that I’m the only one who can’t see the beautiful light of the MAMA stick you all are holding.”

On the first day, performances featured artists such as TVXQ, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ENHYPEN, JO1, Circus, Kepler, ANTIM, Street Women Fighter 2 dancers with Just B, Lee Young-ji, Dynamic Duo, INI, Treasure, and Yoshiki.

‘MAMA’ has unfolded in various Asian countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Japan, following its debut in Macao in 2010. Breaking new ground as the first domestic awards ceremony to be held at the Tokyo Dome, this year’s ‘MAMA AWARDS’ aspires to create a festival where the unique value of each individual as the ‘one and only existence’ is proven, becoming a music world that fulfills their dreams. The ceremony aims to showcase the incredible potential, boundless imagination, and positive energy that come together in a celebration of unity.

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