“Sold out star” Go Joon-hee’s exclusive contract with her agency ended, the actress is receiving offers from numerous famous agencies

Actress Go Joon-hee has emerged as a “big fish” in the free-agent market.

According to officials in the entertainment industry, Go Joon-hee’s exclusive contract with GLO Entertainment ended earlier this year and the actress has finally become free.

An official in the industry said, “Go Joon-hee did not renew her contract with GLO Entertainment for a new challenge”, adding, “It is known that both sides parted ways in a friendly atmosphere and also cheered for each other’s developments in the future”.

Go Joon-hee is reportedly struggling because of offers and calls from numerous management companies.

Go Jun-hee

Staff from an entertainment agency revealed, “At the moment, we are positively discussing an exclusive contract with Go Joon-hee”, adding, “We are waiting for Go Jun-hee’s positive reply”.

Since her choice of a new company will directly influence her future activities, Go Jun-hee will think carefully before making the decision on her future.

Meanwhile, Go Joon-hee, who made her debut after winning the golden prize at the 2001 School Uniform Model contest, is loved by many fans as a “sold out star” in the entertainment and fashion industries.

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