aespa’s Winter amazes netizens with her white and clear skin on “Omniscient Interfering View”

aespa member Winter drew admiration for her flawless beauty with bright skin.

The broadcast of MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View” on July 9th revealed the daily life of aespa members, who made their comeback with the second mini-album “Girls”.

aespa visited Han River Park in comfortable clothes. They were not accompanied by the manager despite going to a crowded place. The members sat on a mat and chatted while eating delicious ramen.

aespa winter

As Karina said “We don’t manage our diet”, aespa didn’t seem to care much about dieting. All four members showed off their fresh visuals like college students. 

aespa winter

Meanwhile, Winter drew particular attention. Known for her white skin, Winter impressed the viewers with her exceptionally bright skin that looks as if the sun was only shining on her.  

aespa winter

Winter’s white and clear skin matched perfectly with her blonde hair, making her look like a fairy. Even in the close-up shots, Winter’s flawless beauty made the viewers exclaim. 

aespa winter

Meanwhile, aespa appeared on ABC’s late-night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on the 29th of last month and met Hollywood actress-singer Paris Hilton.

Source: Insight

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