Is Seolhyun welcoming Jimin’s return after the ‘bullying’ controversy related to Kwon Min-ah?

Jimin finally updated her SNS 2 years after leaving AOA due to the bullying scandal. Seolhyun then uploaded an ambiguous post. Is she welcoming her best friend’s comeback?

Jimin, Seolhyun

After leaving AOA, Jimin has also terminated her exclusive contract with FNC Entertainment. She then resumed her SNS activities and announced her return. It seems like Seolhyun also welcomes Jimin’s comeback by uploading an ambiguous post.

On January 8th, Jimin revealed her recent status through her SNS. This was the first time after 2 years since she left the group and suspended all activities in the entertainment industry after the controversy related to former AOA member Kwon Min-ah broke out in July 2020. Jimin post a video and wrote, “surprise gift for my dearest. out now. link in bio”. The video showed Jimin traveling somewhere. Jimin looked playful while walking on the street. In addition, the voice singing the song in this video is presumed to be Jimin’s.

On January 13th, FNC Entertainment announced via their official website the news, “our exclusive contract with artists Jimin has expired”. FNC said, “We want to inform you that our exclusive contract with Jimin has expired on January 12th, 2022”, adding, “We would like to express our gratitude to Jimin, who has been active as a singer in our company for the past 9 years. Although our partner relationship has ended, please continue to give warm encouragement and support to Jimin and her moves in the future”.


One day after her contract with FNC was terminated, Jimin uploaded a photo on her SNS and left a short message, saying, “Thank you”. The released photo showed Jimin in a recording studio with a headset hanging around her neck. Through this photo, Jimin’s appearance while working and producing songs is revealed. It seems like she wanted to announce her return to activities after her contract with FNC ended. Fellow celebrities also welcomed Jimin’s series of updates. Known as Jimin’s close friend, Kim Shin-young commented, “Happy birthday”.

In the past, Kwon Min-ah wrote an article revealing that she had been bullied by Jimin for 10 years. As a result, she also mentioned AOA members as bystanders. Among them, Jimin’s best friend Seolhyun drew much attention. Jimin and Seolhyun often call each other “soulmates”. Seolhyun once appeared on a broadcast and showed how Jimin was special to her, saying, “I listen to Jimin well” and “I like Jimin unnie”.

After the revelation, Jimin left AOA while Seolhyun appeared in the drama “Awaken” and received harsh criticism. Seolhyun, who had been quiet since the end of “Awaken“, opened a personal YouTube channel to communicate with fans. She did not miss SNS activities. Meanwhile, Seolhyun posted 2 photos on her Instagram story on January 15. In the pictures, there were words from a book that seemed to have been taken by Seolhyun herself.

“I really hate humans, sister. I’m sick and tired of them but I’m a human too”, “Isn’t it funny to criticize humans when I’m a human too? I guess I’m just a human being, after all, I have no choice but to live with humans”, “I hate humans more than anyone else, but I accept them as human beings I’m struggling because I want to be accepted and loved. I guess it’s because I’m still young”.

The words in the photo posted by Seolhyun are from a book titled “Into the Police Officer” that was published in September 2019. “Into the Police Officer” is an essay that vividly contains the voice of an incumbent police officer. Previously, Seolhyun confirmed her appearance in tvN’s new drama “Murderer’s Shopping List”. Therefore, it is said that she may be preparing for the work. Of course, there is also a reaction that the “sister” in the text refers to Jimin.

Seolhyun‘s post on SNS seems to have sympathized with the situation she has been facing. Jimin and Seolhyun, who used to be soulmates, uploaded SNS respectively with a time difference. It is noteworthy what kind of image the two will show in the future.

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