BTS Jungkook showed reverse tribute for fans during “Seven” promotion

Jungkook, a member of BTS, expressed his abundant love for fans with a heartwarming act of “reverse tribute.”

According to online communities on July 30th, BTS Jungkook, who is well-known as “ARMY’s sunshine”, prepared a special food truck for fans who came to support his pre-recording schedule for SBS’ “Inkigayo”.

bts jungkook seven

On the food truck were various photos of Jungkook himself, along with various witty phrases such as “Lunch box sent by this gentleman over there” and “ ARMY ♥ Ya~~ The cheers were amazing…”, expressing his special love and gratitude to the fans who came to the music broadcast.

In addition, through handwritten phrases like “Let’s go higher – Jungkook-“ and “The 1st place singer you want to see all 7 days“, and “The cutest younger man chosen as the king by the World’s ARMY Association“, BTS Jungkook showed reverse tribute for fans and evoked smiles. 

bts jungkook seven

Fans who attended the pre-recording later shared photos of the lunch box they received from the food truck and expressed their thankfulness and love for Jungkook. In particular, the lunch boxes were filled various cute snacks such as croissant sandwiches, macarons, crepes, chocolates, and fruits. 

Meanwhile, on the same day, Jungkook also posted on the fan community platform Weverse, “Enjoy the food I prepared! I’ll come to Weverse around 1:30, hehe.”

In response to Jungkook’s sweet gestures, fans left various responses showing excitement. Below are some of their comments: 

  • Jungkook can’t stand ARMYs being hungry
  • Jungkook’s reverse tribute is on a whole different scale with a food truck
  • He even took care of the dessert so thoughtfully ….ㅠㅠ Truly a gourmet
  • He must have had little time to prepare, and yet… 
  • Jungkook’s sincerity is so touchingㅠㅠ
  • Jungkook, the food truck looks crazily cool

On the other hand, Jungkook appeared on Inkigayo for the July 30th broadcast and achieved 1st place with his solo track “Seven”.

Source: Nate

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