Soccer Stars and Girl Group Members’ Dating Rumors from 2014 to 2024

Explore a decade of romance rumors between soccer stars and K-pop girl group members

As soon as 2024 began, a dating rumor that caused a stir surfaced. It involves Lee Kangin, who plays for Paris Saint-Germain, and former April member Lee Naeun. 

Of course, dating rumors between soccer stars and female idols are not new, from the captain of South Korea’s national team, Son Heungmin, to Lee Kangin. 

Let’s take a look at instances where girl group members were rumored to be in relationships with soccer players.

Lee Kangin – Lee Naeun

On January 2nd, The Fact reported on the dating rumor between Lee Kangin and Lee Naeun, unveiling photos of them together. According to the report, the two had multiple dates in the underground parking lot of a hotel and at Naeun’s apartment. 

Lee Kang-in Lee Na-eun

Naeun, in November of the previous year, visited the underground parking lot of a Yeouido hotel where the national team stayed before the Asian 2nd round qualifiers for the 2026 North, Central America and Caribbean (CONCACAF) World Cup, for car dates with Lee Kangin.

Witnesses also reported seeing the two leaving Naeun’s apartment looking affectionate. Despite the high public interest in their romance, Naeun’s side quickly denied the relationship, saying that they met to obtain tickets for the game and were not a couple. 

Lee Kangin’s reps, on the other hand, refrained from making an official statement about his private lives, but evidence of their romance continues to circulate on online communities and X.

Son Heungmin – Minah

Son Heungmin also got caught up in dating rumors with a girl group member. The Fact reported, “On July 16 and 17, 2014, we exclusively captured scenes of the two on dates.” Son Heungmin and Minah managed to meet late at night, utilizing their busy schedules, at various places like the Han River and Samcheong-dong. 

son heung min mina

Despite being mindful of the people around them and refraining from excessive skinship, they gazed affectionately at each other, according to the media.

Upon the emergence of the rumor, Minah’s agency confirmed the relationship, saying, “Minah met Son Heungmin about twice, and they began meeting with good feelings, building encouragement and friendship through social media.” 

However, Son Heungmin‘s side, while admitting to him meeting Minah twice, denied being in a relationship with her, saying that they haven’t been in contact since the rumor surfaced.

Seol Youngwoo – Yang Yena

Recently, dating rumors have surfaced about Yang Yena, also a former member of April, and national team player Seol Young-woo (Ulsan Hyundai). On January 4th, online communities circulated rumors of their relationship. 

Seol Young-woo Yang Yena

One netizen claimed, “Yang Yena, a member of April, is currently dating Seol Young-woo, who plays for Ulsan Hyundai and the national team. People in the know are already aware of it.” Additionally, it was noted that the two are using couple items like phone cases and hats.

Especially noteworthy is Seol Young-woo wearing football shoes with the inscription ‘YENA’ on the heel, openly displaying their romance. In response to the rumors, both Yang Yena’s agency and Ulsan Hyundai expressed that they are “checking the facts.”

Hwang Uijo – Hyomin

In January 2022, Hwang Uijo (Norwich City) was rumored to be in a relationship with T-ara’s Hyomin. According to reports, the two met through a mutual acquaintance and developed a friendship that turned into a romantic relationship in November 2021.

Hyomin Hwang Ui-jo

Photos of Hwang Uijo and Hyomin traveling together in Switzerland were also released. They maintained their relationship by traveling between Korea and France, supporting each other during times of injury and while preparing for Hyomin’s new album. 

Despite the rumors, both sides did not provide any official statements. It was only two months later, in March, that Hyomin’s side revealed that their relationship naturally ended due to pressure and they decided to support each other as friends.

Source: wikitree

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