HyunA and Dawn Spotted in Paris, Reigniting Rumors of Getting Back Together 

HyunA and Dawn have been spotted together once again in Paris, fueling rumors of a possible reunion.

HyunA was invited to attend Paris Fashion Week on October 2nd, sponsored by luxury fashion brand Christian Louboutin. She has been actively communicating with fans about the trip through Instagram.


Dawn, who had been staying in Paris, attended the first family concert of his label AT AREA, called “AREA in Paris,” on October 3rd. Earlier this year, Dawn joined AT AREA founded by the producing duo GroovyRoom. 

HyunA and Dawn’s appearances in Paris at the same time have led to speculation that the two may have traveled together or met up while in the city. 

hyuna dawn

HyunA and Dawn were dating for about six years before announcing their breakup in November 2022. However, they have continued to appear in official schedules together, sparking rumors of a possible reunion.

Both HyunA and Dawn have denied the rumor and say that they are only close colleagues. However, fans still hold onto hope that the couple may get back together, especially given their history of wearing matching couple items and the lingering interest in their relationship.

As the rumors continue to swirl, only time will tell if HyunA and Dawn will rekindle their romance or if they will remain close friends and colleagues. 

Source: Daum.

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