Soccer star Park Ji Sung reacts to Kim Jong Kook’s “controversial” soccer skill 

Park Ji Sung evaluated Kim Jong Kook’s soccer skills.

On November 12th, in the new video uploaded on on the soccer YouTube channel “Shoot For Love”, soccer star Park Ji Sung made a guest appearance and reacted to Kim Jong Kook playing soccer.

In the video, Park Ji Sung watched the video of Kim Jong Kook’s soccer match and analyzed it himself. Kim Jong Suk was playing against Anyang FC players.

park ji sung

Park Ji Sung started by praising Kim Jong Kook’s, saying, “His physique is nice. I also like it that he saw the second ball and went in to hit a shot.” 

Park Ji Sung continued to compliment Kim Jong Kook, saying, “Even when he was surrounded by other players, he calmly connected the ball.”

park ji sung

However, after seeing Kim Jong Kook infiltrate late, Park Ji Sung explained, “Why would the striker go in later than the defender? It’s too late.”

park ji sung

Regarding the overall review, Park Ji Sung said, “His first move is good, but there is no next move,” adding, “One-touch play is good. I don’t think his skills have improved as much as he practiced. I think he is standing still.” drawing laughter.

park ji sung

Source: wikitree

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