SNSD Seohyun expected to become the next “goddess” of K-dramas adapted from webtoons, following Kim Sejeong

With her latest acting project, idol-actress Seohyun raises high expectations as the next K-drama adaptation queen. 

As one of the most successful idol-turned-actresses, the SNSD member Seohyun has recently returned as the female lead of ongoing K-drama “Jinxed At First”, earning multiple compliments from netizens. 

Seo Hyun

Many people thus expect Seohyun to follow Kim Sejeong’s steps to become the next “goddess” of K-dramas adapted from webtoons.

business proposal
With her latest project, Seohyun is expected to follow the success of “Business Proposal” star Kim Sejeong 

“Jinxed At First”, which is adapted from a popular webtoon of the same name, is a romance-comedy series that also takes on fantasy elements. 

In this series, Seohyun transforms into the “goddess of luck” Lee Seol Bi, who has the ability to see the future. By chance, she ran into the unlucky guy Gong Soo Kwang (Na In Woo), and later developed feelings for him. 

Seo Hyun
Seohyun transforms into a bubbly and coveted “goddess of luck” in “Jinxed At First”

Despite “Jinxed At First” just airing recently, Seohyun is already receiving praise for looking like she “stepped out of the webtoon” herself. In addition, her acting ability, which constantly improves over time, is also highly acclaimed. 

Seo Hyun

In “Jinxed At First”, Seohyun plays the perfect and coveted Seol Bi, who’s permanently positive and curious about the world. Every gesture, speech, and expression of Seohyun exude chipperness and innocence, making her the perfect Lee Seol Bi. 

Seo Hyun
Na In Woo stars together with Seohyun in “Jinxed At First”

Na In Woo, who plays the male lead, also recognized Seohyun’s acting, and praised the idol-actress for her expressive eyes. Thanks to this, Seohyun is able to portray a variety of emotions, and earn the love of the audience. 

Seo Hyun

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