SM Entertainment has officially opened its “Kwangya@Jakarta” for overseas fans

The store welcomed high traffic of Southeast Asian celebrities and fans to its opening days.

The “Kwangya@Jakarta” flagship store, operated by SM Brand Marketing, an affiliate of SM Entertainment, officially opened on the 3rd.


“Kwangya@Jakarta” is located on the main spot on the first floor of Lotte Shopping Avenue in Jakarta, Indonesia on December 3rd, and has been crowded with flocks of enthusiastic visitors, averaging about 2,000 visitors a day and maintaining a steady figure until late. 

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Image: Kwangya@Jakarta

“Kwangya” is a ‘Metaversal Experience Brand’ that allows you to enjoy K-culture without any boundaries between reality and imagination. The term refers to the future entertainment world created by celebrities, fandoms and prosumers (individuals that both consume and produce). Starting with “Kwangya@Everland” and “Kwangya@Seoul” in Seoul, the campaign continued to open a flagship store in Jakarta, Indonesia to reach overseas fans.

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Many influencers, including Indonesian national presenter and actor Denny Cagur and famous celebrity singer Rossa, visited on the 1st before the grand opening of “Kwangya@Jakarta.” Indonesia’s CNN and other local media  are bringing coverage of the store, receiving high attention. 

sm ent kwangya

On the 2nd, a private free opening tour was held, and 100 of the annual paid members (ACEs) of the SM fan community “KWANGYA CLUB” were invited as “Kwangya Ambassadors” to attract positive responses from Indonesian K-pop fans.

sm ent kwangya

Starting with the opening of “Kwangya@Everland” in October, SM Entertainment opened “Kwangya@Seoul” on the 17th of last month. Following the “Kwangya@Jakarta” that opened on the 3rd, the “Kwangya@LA” is set to open in the first half of 2023.

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