BTS Jungkook Receives Death Threats from Sasaeng Fan: Fans Urge Protection Measures

BTS member Jungkook faces death threats from a sasaeng fan, prompting concerns for his safety. 

In a distressing turn of events, BTS Jungkook has become the target of a sasaeng fan’s menacing threats. The alarming incident unfolded when Twitter user @/chu02859 posted a photo of a knife along with a chilling message, “I will kill Jungkook, just wait“. 

Disturbingly, this person also claimed responsibility for sending delivery food to Jungkook’s house a few days prior, only to face rejection and warning from him. 


Fueling the menacing tone of their threats, the sasaeng fan stated, “I sent food to him, so it wouldn’t be difficult for me to kill him. I know where he lives, and it’s close to my place. He was rude to reject the food I sent“.

Concerned fans have reported this situation to HYBE, BTS’s company to protect Jungkook. However, even in the face of potential consequences, the sasaeng fan remained defiant, asserting that nobody could hinder their intentions. 

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Shockingly, they even reached out to another sasaeng fan to inquire about Jungkook’s new address, further raising concerns about the extent of their obsessive behavior.

Upon further investigation, it has come to light that the person behind the @/chu02859 account is potentially a 17-year-old Indonesian girl who has previously resided in Korea. 

While this revelation may provide some context, fans remain deeply worried about Jungkook’s safety and well-being. As a result, they continue to take proactive measures by contacting HYBE and urging the company to prioritize the protection of Jungkook. 

HYBE has yet to release an official statement regarding the threats made against Jungkook. 

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