NewJeans Hyein demoted from “Brand Ambassador” to “Friend” of Louis Vuitton?

A recent SNS update of luxury brand Louis Vuitton is raising doubts about NewJeans Hyein’s title as Brand Ambassador. 

After the Louis Vuitton show at the 2023 Paris Fashion Week, the designer house has published an SNS update with celebrities that attended the show.


In particular, the post on Louis Vuitton’s official Instagram reads, “Friends of the Maison #Urassayas, #EmmaStone, #MeghannFahy, #Hyein, and #PhoebeDynevor at #LVFW23. The celebrities were invited to watch Nicolas Ghesquiere present his latest Louis Vuitton Women’s Fall-Winter 2023 Collect”. 

Previously in December 2022, NewJeans’ official SNS announced that Hyein is the Brand Ambassador for Louis Vuitton. However, as can be seen from the SNS Update, Hyein, along with others, are called “Friends of the Maison”, a title said to be lower than “Brand Ambassador”, raising doubts about the validity of previous claims. 


With Louis Vuitton’s latest address, netizens are showing mixed reactions. On one hand, people are suspicious if Hyein has ever been a real Brand Ambassador, seeing that Louis Vuitton never confirmed this title themselves. 

On the other hand, other netizens pointed out that Emma Stone, who was titled “Brand Ambassador” by Louis Vuitton themselves in 2019, was also called “Friends of the Maison” in the latest post, so Hyein’s case may be the same. 

Source: Instagram 

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