“Single’s Inferno” Freezia deleted all contents featuring fake branded clothes and posted hand-written apology

YouTuber Freezia, who became famous for appearing on Netflix’s reality show “Single’s Inferno,” acknowledged and apologized for the controversy over using fake luxury goods and deleted all the content filmed in these clothes.

YouTuber Freezia

Freezia posted a handwritten apology for the fake branded clothes controversy on her Instagram on January 17th. She said, “I would like to confess honestly about the controversial article on my fake luxury goods. The controversy over fake goods is partly true. I’m so sorry.”

She said, “I apologize once again for all the situations that have occurred due to the infringement of designers’ creations and ignorance of copyrights.” 

Freezia said, “As a person who dreams of launching my own brand, I will seriously recognize and reflect on the controversies. I will study more carefully to prevent this from happening in the future. All contents with fake products were deleted. I apologize to the brands that suffered damage from me.”

The YouTuber added, “I sincerely apologize to everyone, including fans, subscribers, and brand officials who have been hurt, and I will live with more responsibility in the future.” 

Freezia has recently been embroiled in a controversy over fake luxury goods after netizens closely compared the actual product photos with the clothes worn by her. In the process, suspicions were raised that the necklaces, T-shirts, and dresses worn by Freezia were not real luxury goods. Freezia has revealed her dream of launching a brand in the past, so the controversy over using fake clothes has spread even more.

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