4th generation girl groups in school uniforms: StayC is cute, ITZY looks chic

Wearing youthful uniforms has enhanced the zestful visuals of many new generation girl groups such as Aespa, ITZY, StayC…

During the promotion of Stereotype, StayC followed the highteen concept. StayC’s bubbly look at The Show on September 14 by wearing uniforms and white sneakers received many compliments from fans.

stayc 16092021 2 scaled 1
All wearing blue plaid skirts, but each member has a different style that matches their body type and visuals.
stayc 16092021 3 scaled 1
Se Eun is charming.
stayc 16092021 4 scaled 1
Yoon looks energetic.
stayc 16092021 5 scaled 1
Su Min is elegant and feminine.
stayc 16092021 7 scaled 1
StayC’s uniform sets are also praised for the safe length of the skirts, helping the girls to feel comfortable while dancing.
ITZY members don’t wear schoolgirl outfits often, so when they appeared at the show Knowing Brothers in uniforms,  fans couldn’t stop admiring how good they looked in this youthful concept.
itzy 16092021 1 scaled 1
Lia coordinated her uniform with a crop top cardigan.
Yuna went for a simple look but still stood out. However, the wrinkled dress was a minus point.
itzy 16092021 2 scaled 1
Ryu Jin suits the cool outfit well.
itzy 16092021 3 scaled 1
Yeji showed off her bold and outstanding look by wearing an oversize blazer.
aespa 16092021 1 scaled 1
In May 2021, Aespa also received many compliments when wearing uniforms for “Knowing Brothers” shooting.
aespa 16092021 3 scaled 1
aespa 16092021 4 scaled 1
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