Singer Ivy shares a review of her US trip, “I saw a robbery on my first day in LA” 

Ivy revealed what happened during her US trip.

On September 21, singer and musical actress Ivy summarized her trip to the US and shared a total of five things on her Instagram. She said, “My trip to the US is memorable.”

First, Ivy talked about an unexpected incident, saying, “I picked up nine $20 bills from the chair on my way out of the hotel. There was no one around.” Ivy then revealed that she got to meet Jared Leto, her favorite actor and took a selfie with him. She also listed out the restaurants she visited, the acupuncture treatment and chiropractic she got in New York.


Finally, she revealed that she witnessed a robbery in LA. She recalled, “On my first day, I saw a thief break the window of a car in the public parking lot to steal sneakers.” Ivy continued, “The US is not the developed country that people thought it was. Thieves, homeless people, and drug addicts were all over the streets.” She then expressed patriotism, saying, “Long live our country.”


Ivy debuted as a singer in 2005 and has released a number of successful songs such as ‘A-Ha’, ‘Sonata of Temptation’, and ‘If you were gonna do this’. Since 2012, she has also been active as a musical actress. She recently met the audience through the musical ‘Aida’.

Source: Nate

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