Sam Hammington purchased a three-story mansion with six rooms after spending 20 years in Korea

Sam Hammington revealed that he bought his own house after living in Korea for 20 years.

Comedian Sam Hammington appeared on the broadcast of SBS’s “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny”, which aired on May 1st, as a special MC.

In fact, Sam Hammington is more well-known as the father of two sons, William (8 years old) and Bentley (7 years old), rather than a comedian.

When Lee Ji Hye asked, “You’re not a comedian, right?”, Kim Gu Ra replied, “He’s a comedian. He’s not working. He wasn’t hired through public recruitment, but a special one”. Sam Hammington said, “I have a parachute”.

Seo Jang Hoon asked Sam Hammington, “You finally bought a house after living in Korea for 20 years, right? Isn’t it a three-story mansion with six rooms? Was the house price covered by your children’s appearance fees? How many percent?”

In response, Sam Hammington said, “Our kids have appeared on TV for 8 years. William started when he was 100 days old, and Bentley was born when the show was airing. Having a bank account is not enough. We’re doing wise investments.”

Kim Gu Ra said, “Aren’t you their supporter? I’m glad you got to live in a nice house with your kids”, congratulating Sam Hammington on having his own house.

Source: Daum

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