Reasons why Park Chan-wook’s “Decision to Leave” doesn’t secure box office success

The movie “Decision to Leave” is getting poor results despite favorable responses. Some cited reasons such as the increase in ticket prices for this.

Director Park Chan-wook’s new movie “Decision to Leave” is a story about a detective (Park Hae-il) falling for a mysterious widow (Tang Wei) after she becomes the prime suspect in his latest murder investigation.

The work is receiving favorable reviews for its intense immersion and overwhelming visual beauty. However, it attracted 557,659 cumulative audiences in the first week of its release, earning a rather disappointing report card.


In this regard, recently, posts expressing regret over the sluggish box office performance of “Decision to Leave” and listing reasons have been uploaded on various online communities.

One netizen said, “It’s an interesting work, but it seems like people are no longer looking for the joy of thinking and reminiscing while watching a movie.”

This netizen explained that the desire to pursue an intuitive, quick ending and to have someone conclude without thinking about it on their own is the reason why not many people look for movies like “Decision to Leave”.

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Another netizen claimed that movie ticket prices were the reason for the poor performance. This person pointed out, “The price of movie tickets goes up, so the cost-effectiveness goes down. People don’t take risks anymore. They go to see commercial movies that guarantee fun at a glance.”

Many people sympathized with the claim by commenting, “It’s true that ticket prices are too expensive.” However, the film’s quality was highly praised through reactions such as “It was the funniest yet most painful movie I’ve seen recently”, “This movie has to reach 800,000 somehow. Let’s help it”…

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Meanwhile, “Decision to Leave” starring Park Hae-il and Tang Wei is a feature film released by director Park Chan-wook 6 years after “The Handmaiden”.

Despite the disappointing number of audiences, “Decision to Leave” is receiving great reviews from those who watched the movie, including the lingering feelings that deepen the more you ponder and the interpretation that varies depending on each individual’s viewpoint.

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