Singer Cho Hyun-ah Revealed Name Of Male Celebrity She Once Had A Quick Date With At Nightclub

Singer Cho Hyun-ah having a quick date with a male celebrity at a nightclub

In the latest episode of KBS Joy’s entertainment program “20th Century Hit Song,” which aired on the afternoon of December 22nd, hosts Kim Hee-chul, Kim Min-ah invited Chun Myung-hoon and Cho Hyun-ah to come and talk about the topic “Solo Heaven! Christmas Nightclub Hit Song.”

In this episode, Kim Min-ah asked Kim Hee-chul, Chun Myung-hoon, and Cho Hyun-ah, “Is there a high chance to have a quick date at the nightclub?”

Cho Hyun-ah then confessed, “I once had a random date with a celebrity.” Kim Hee-chul was surprised, saying, “Random date with a celebrity?! Whose room did you go into?”

However, Cho Hyun-ah reluctantly responded, “I can’t tell you.” Kim Hee-chul approached her and begged, “Only for me. We will add a “beep” to keep it a secret.”

Eventually, Cho Hyun-ah revealed the name of the celebrity she met on the spot by whispering to Kim Hee-chul, who then approached Chun Myung-hoon and told him by whispering as well.

Surprised, Chun suddenly said the name out loud as a joke, and Cho jumped out of her seat and shouted, “Why are you saying it so loud!” Then Chun quickly apologized, saying, “I’m sorry.”

Host Kim Hee-chul went on to ask, “How was it? His manners?” and Cho Hyun-ah replied, “He was very nice,” and recalled the time, “So I asked if I could call all my friends.”

In response, Kim said, “I hate it the most! The worst!” and Chun also said, “I hate it so much!” and Cho Hyun-ah roared, “Why are you mad at me?! I won’t drink! I won’t even put my mouth on it!” causing the studio to laugh.

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