“Sia Acknowledges Liposuction: ‘Gained Uncontrollable Weight, Couldn’t Handle It'”

Singer Sia has admitted to undergoing liposuction surgery for weight loss

On the 9th, singer Sia revealed through social media that she underwent liposuction surgery for weight loss. She explained that the unavoidable weight gain due to medication led her to opt for liposuction surgery.

Sia expressed, “I had to take medication that caused me to gain an uncontrollable amount of weight, so today I went to get liposuction since exercise or thyroid medication couldn’t handle it.”


Stating her desire not to contribute to the obsessive and critical public opinions about her weight, Sia candidly explained her decision to undergo liposuction surgery. She added, “It’s truly fortunate to have the means to change my appearance. I hope you understand it’s not from dieting and exercising,” emphasizing that the change came from her financial ability rather than traditional methods.

Sia continued, saying, “Like most people, I feel insecure and anxious about being noticeable in the public eye, so I decided to change my appearance due to confidence issues.”

This is not the first time Sia has admitted to undergoing plastic surgery. Last October, at the ‘2023 Dataime Beauty Awards,’ Sia confessed to having had plastic surgery, stating, “I am a pop star who doesn’t hide my face and tell lies. I had plastic surgery.”

Sia, who continues her activities while concealing her face, explained in 2015 the reasons behind hiding her identity. She expressed, “I don’t want to become famous or seek attention. I don’t want to see criticisms about myself on the internet.”

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