Short screen time yet this actress stole the show in a historical K-drama, also a famous girl group member

An idol-actress has earned a lot of attention after boasting outstanding visuals in a newly-released historical K-drama.

Broadcasting station MBC recently released a new historical drama titled “The Forbidden Marriage”. While the series has received controversial opinions over the acting of male lead Kim Young Dae – another cast member has been showered in praise, and her chemistry with the male lead is also the talk of town. This actress is none other than Kim Min Ju, whose appearance in the first 2 episodes has stolen the show.

Kim Min Ju The Forbidden Marriage
Kim Young Dae’s cute chemistry with Kim Min Ju.

In this K-drama, Kim Young Dae assumes the role of Lee Heon – who is the King of Joseon. 7 years ago, he led an extremely happy life with his beloved wife Ja Yeon (Kim Min Ju). However, she passed away before he got to become king, and has refused to remarry ever since. At the same time, a marriage ban is implemented on the entire nation until the King gets married, enraging people.

Kim Min-ju The Forbidden Marriage

As Kim Min Ju’s character already passed away, she only appeared in the memories of the male lead with extremely limited screen time. However, her elegant appearance in traditional garments drew huge attention, and her pleasant interactions with Kim Young Dae added charms to the show. Topics about her beauty pop up on various online forums, and Kim Min Ju successfully stood out, although she is no main character.

Kim Min-ju The Forbidden Marriage
Kim Min Ju The Forbidden Marriage

Even though she passed quite soon, Kim Min Ju’s character was crucial to the plot of the drama since she served as the catalyst for all following events and the reason for the meeting of the male and female leads. Accordingly, Park Ju Hyun, the female lead, would portray So Ra, who says she has found evidence that Ja Yeon’s soul is still present in the castle.

Kim Min-ju
Kim Min ju
Kim Min Ju’s beautiful visual

Kim Min Ju is a famous young singer and actress in South Korea. The female idol competed in Produce 48 in 2018 and finished at the 11th overall, joining the girl group IZ*ONE. After this group disbanded, Kim Min Ju received an offer to become a member of HYBE’s new group. There was even a rumor that HYBE was “obsessed” with needing to enter into a deal with her. However, in the end, Kim Min Ju refused HYPE’s invitation and chose to focus on acting instead of continuing to focus on her idol career.  Before ‘The Forbidden Marriage’, Kim Min Ju also starred in a number of dramas such as Immortal Goddess, Tempted, A Teen 2, … and were well received by the public.

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