Shock: BLACKPINK was edited into a series of sensitive videos, global fans were angry, asking YG to protect the girls

Fans panicked, angry when they saw the faces of BLACKPINK members being edited into sensitive videos

Deepfake is the term to refer to fake videos, face editing, distorted thanks to the help of software.  In the past, many celebrities had their faces edited in sensitive photos and videos.  Recently, BLACKPINK has become a victim of this condemnation.

From last night until this morning (January 13), around the forums, fans discovered many photos of sensitive scenes edited with the 4 girls’ faces spread at breakneck speed.  Not only that, on a pornographic website, a series of videos all featured the faces of BLACKPINK members.  In which, the most affected member is Lisa.

BLACKPINK deepfake

Because the truthfulness of these videos is higher than other tools, it will greatly affect the honor and reputation of the BLACKPINK members.  This made the fans extremely angry, leaving a series of angry comments, hashtag trends, and sending emails to hope the management company to take measures to protect the artists.

Before that, many American celebrities such as former first lady Michelle Obama, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, President Donald Trump were all victims of Deepfake.

BLACKPINK deepfake
BLACKPINK deepfake

Since its appearance in 2017, this action has been harshly condemned by society for affecting the honor and dignity of others greatly.  Many people suggested the authorities severely punish this behavior.

Sources: kenh14

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