SHINee Onew reveals whereabouts during hiatus, smiling while enjoying paintings at exhibition 

SHINee member Onew, who recently announced his temporary suspension of activities, updated his recent status.

On the morning of June 12th, Onew posted new photos on his Instagram without a caption. The released pictures show Onew taking photos of paintings at an exhibition. Fans are happy to know that he is doing well and enjoying daily life moments with a bright smile.


Earlier on the 9th, Onew announced that he would temporarily suspend his activities due to health reasons. His agency SM Entertainment said, “Onew was feeling unwell, so he received consultations and health checkups. As a result, the doctor advised that he should take a rest to receive treatment and recover. After discussing with Onew and SHINee members carefully, we decided to let Onew take a break for the time being. Therefore, he will not participate in the concert and the new album’s promotional activities”.

After then, Onew also left a message to reassure fans, saying “I will try my best to recover my health and return. I’m sorry for causing concern to many people, and I would appreciate it if you can consider this time for me to take a short rest so that I can be with SHINee and you all in the future”


Meanwhile, SHINee, which recently celebrated their 15th debut anniversary, will make a comeback with their 8th full album “HARD” on the 26th and open a new chapter. Prior to the album release, the group will hold their 6th solo concert ‘SHINee WORLD VI [PERFECT ILLUMINATION]’ at KSPO DOME in Seoul Olympic Park for three days, from the 23rd to the 25th.

Source: Nate

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