Shin Min-ah revealed the reason she recently got angry

Actress Shin Min-ah confessed that she has recently been angry in a recent video 

On the YouTube channel “Fairy Jaehyung”, a video featuring actress Shin Min-ah was released on November 19. In the video, the channel’s host, Jaehyung, warmly welcomed Shin Min-ah upon her arrival. 

On that day, Jaehyung asked Shin Min-ah if she can drink alcohol and if she has a lot of allergies, to which Shin Min-ah replied, “I have a lot of allergies naturally. I’m a sensitive person.” 

Then, upon hearing that the actress has an almond allergy, Jaehyung changed the ingredients and cooked the food again using burrata cheese.

As Jaehyung asked, “Do you get sensitive? When was the last time you got angry?”, Shin Min-ah laughed and responded, “Just a while ago… it was a joke,” but added, “I get angry continuously. I get angry even when watching TV, but I don’t express it easily.”

Then, when asked if she had recently gotten angry at someone, Shin Min-ah said, “Of course, I must have,” before explaining that she was mostly expressing annoyance at a situation, without a specific target. 

According to Shin Min-ah, she has celebrity friends who she meets regularly and chat with, denying Jaehyung’s accusation that she’s always at home. 

She also explained her “homebody image”, saying, “So I take a lot of walks and make an effort to live. Since I don’t drink, people who drink say, ‘She’s a person who just stays at home’ when talking about me. It’s not ‘Should I call Min-ah?’ but ‘Min-ah can’t drink alcohol.’ That’s what happened”.

Shin Min-ah then mentioned that among close friends, she is known as a funny person. “It’s true. Close company friends, colleagues, acquaintances. Maybe it’s because (their) expectations are low,” the actress said, adding, “Actually, when shooting romantic comedies, I really try hard to be funny. Directors burst into laughter.” 

When Jaehyung asked if she had made others laugh, Shin Min-ah responded jokingly, “A lot. So far, I’ve seen that the other person in the scene is always a nice person”. 

Source: Naver

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