Shin Eun-soo Is Also Confused By “Twinkling Watermelon” Ending, “I’m Also Curious About How They Got Married”

Shin Eun-soo said she was also confused

Recently, Shin Eun-soo recently had an interview with Star News and talked about tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Twinkling Watermelon,” which ended on November 14th. Là

Shin Eun-soo

Shin Eun-soo challenged herself to act as a deaf person through this work with the role of young Cheong-ah. However, it was not easy to understand the life of a deaf girl that she had never experienced. Regarding this, the actress said she tried to collect objective information about the deaf using books, movies, and webtoons drawn by them. On top of that, she said, “I acted while thinking, ‘What would I do if I were a Cheong-Ah in this situation?”

Shin Eun-soo also revealed that she took sign language lessons for a long time for the drama. “Cheong-ah started to use sign language in earnest from the 8th episode, but I learned sign language from the beginning,” she said. “I took sign language lessons, watched videos, and practiced in detail.” The actress also boasted in a cute way that she received a lot of praise from her sign language teacher.

In the end of the drama, Lee Chan and Cheong-ah got married and started a family. However, the drama did not reveal the narrative before their marriage, which drew viewers’ regret. In response, Shin Eun-soo said, “Along with Hyun-wook (playing Lee Chan), I was also curious about how Lee Chan and Cheong-ah dated and married. They were so pretty together and matched each other well.”

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