‘Seungri’s rumored girlfriend’ Yoo Hye Won eventually speaks up against malicious comments and speculations

Influencer-model Yoo Hye Won, who is rumored to be dating former Big Bang member Seungri, expressed her heavy heart. 

On March 24th, Yoo Hye Won left a message on her Instagram account, saying “I’m sorry for confusing people who sincerely love me with recent articles”, adding “I know some of you were very surprised and disappointed.” 

yoo hye won

She continued, “However, I’m in a very mentally painful situation as I have to remain silent while groundless speculations and high-level malicious comments keep on increasing”, adding “Thanks to those who have continued to support and encourage me even more, I was able to endure this difficult time with a grateful heart.”

Yoo Hye Won emphasized, “I have collected evidence of groundless talks that spread like facts as well as malicious comments, and would proceed with legal action without leniency”.

Lastly, she said, “Thank you for your worries and concerns. I earnestly ask malicious commenters to stop your action.”

yoo hye won

Earlier on the 22nd, Dispatch reported that Seungri and Yoo Hye Won traveled to Bangkok, Thailand together in mid-March. Accordingly, the two were seen walking around the hotel lobby affectionately like a couple. However, they seemed to be cautious of the gaze of Koreans due to the negative public opinion towards Seungri in Korea.

Seungri and Yoo Hye Won were embroiled in dating rumors twice in 2018 and 2020. In particular, it was said that Yoo Hye Won even accompanied Seungri to his enlistment ceremony in 2019. However, both of them did not make any official statements about their relationship.


Seungri was identified as a key figure in the Burning Sun Scandal in 2019. After the scandal broke out, he left Big Bang and enlisted. In May last year, the Supreme Court sentenced Seungri to 1 year and 6 months in prison on a total of 9 charges, including habitual gambling, prostitution, embezzlement, etc. He was released from prison on the 9th of last month.

Source: Wikitree

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