Seol In-ah appears with a completely different vibe in new profile photos released through her new agency

New profile photos of actress Seol In-ah have been unveiled.

On May 25th, Gold Medalist introduced actress Seol In-ah through the release of new profile photos, showing off her new charms.

Seol In-ah, who impressed the viewers with her short hairstyle when appearing in SBS’s recently ended drama “Business Proposal”, boasted an unprecedented charm by transforming herself with long straight hair and pulling off all-black outfits in the profile pictures, creating a chic and natural mood. Seol In-ah caught the eyes of netizens for her captivating beauty with a more sophisticated atmosphere. 

Seol In-ah perfectly digested the concepts and stylings of the photoshoot and revealed her different charms. Showing off her chic image in a modern look with black clothes, the actress also gave off a friendly and natural vibe when dressing up in a casual look with jeans.

Meanwhile, Seol In-ah is gaining keen attention as the drama “Business Proposal”, in which she played the cool and lovely character Jin Young-seo, became a worldwide hit drama. Seol In-ah, who is well-loved for her bright and healthy image and energy, has received many love calls from the advertising industry as well as movie and drama producers. Therefore, fans are raising high expectations for her future performances.

A Business Proposal female characters

Source: Daum

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