Seohyun’s Moving Performance in ‘Song of the Bandits’: Focusing on Expressing Emotions through Her Eyes

Seohyun shared her thoughts on her acting in the Netflix series ‘Song of the Bandits’

On September 27th, Seohyun appeared as a guest on SBS Power FM’s ‘Kim Young-chul’s Power FM.’

Seohyun talked about her character in ‘Song of the Bandits,’ “I played the character Nam Hee-shin. She’s an independence fighter disguised as the head of the Chosun Governor’s Office railroad department. She takes on the mission of embezzling railroad construction funds to deliver funds to the independence army. There is action involved, but it’s a role that focuses on the character’s intelligence rather than physical strength.”

Listeners, especially those who have watched episode 4 of ‘Song of the Bandits,’ had a positive reaction to Seohyun’s performance, particularly to the scene where she delivers a speech. One listener said, “I was moved while watching the speech scene. How old is Hee-shin in the drama?” Seohyun replied, “According to the setting, her age is around 28 or 29. I wish she were younger.”

Another listener expressed, “I cried while watching the speech scene. It seems like you lost weight.” Seohyun said, “That wasn’t an easy scene. Many scenes required me to show my emotions through my eyes. I made an effort to keep those emotions in my head while acting.”

Kim Young-chul asked, “Is this your first historical drama, and was it challenging?” Seohyun replied, “It’s the 1920s, so the emotions might be a bit different from modern times. The era’s circumstances are different. The depth of sadness and anger is deeper, so it wasn’t easy for those emotions to come out in an instant. I even looked up videos from the 1920s during breaks and listened to music that helped maintain those emotions.”


A listener also asked, “When you were an idol, you had to find the camera, but when you act, you don’t pay attention to it. Is it different from being a singer?” Seohyun replied, “I’ve done weekend dramas before, and in those, there are usually three cameras. You have to be aware of them. There are technical aspects like the camera’s lighting and how to cry more during close-ups. My experience as a singer was helpful.”

Seohyun also shared her acting method, “When it comes to acting, I fill my head with character analysis and the historical background before shooting starts. I prepare in that way and then, on set, I enjoy myself based on that preparation.”

Regarding the allure of acting, Seohyun said, “Acting is difficult. There’s no one right answer. The more you do it, the more you find it challenging. There are always new aspects. Of course, that’s why it’s appealing.” 

Source: Daum

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