Minatozaki Sana is the richest member of TWICE

Sana is said to be the richest member of TWICE thanks to her individual activities.

TWICE is now one of the most famous girl groups in Kpop today. According to Celebrity NetWorths, as of 2021, the group owns a net worth of about $35 million.

The group’s income is largely attributable to their musical careers, world tours, and music products.

Sana (TWICE)

However, as an individual, the assets of TWICE’s members are not too high. The net worth of the members is estimated on average from 1 to 1.5 million USD. This is quite a modest number compared to popular groups at the same time like BTS, BLACKPINK. With BTS, the average members have a fortune of about 20 million USD.

According to IdolNetWorth.Com, Sana is the richest member of Twice. She has a net worth of about 3 million USD.

Kpopstarz analyzed, Sana does not have many solo activities because TWICE prioritizes group activities. However, in addition to the income from joint activities in the group, Sana still has her own projects to make more money.

Specifically, before debuting with Twice in 2015, Sana was known as the female lead in GOT7’s MV “A.”  She also appeared in the music video for “Feel” by Junho (2PM).  In 2017, she continued to appear as the female lead in Junho’s MV “Instant Love”.

In early 2021, the Japanese female idol also played the MV “Graduation” by singer Kobukuro.  After that, Sana officially released the cover of “Graduation” in February 2021.  This product marks Sana’s first solo debut.

In addition, Sana is one of 3 members of Twice to release a solo photobook “Yes, I’m Sana”.  Along with that, she also earns more from the songs she has composed.

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She is a member of the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA).  Sana participated in composing and writing lyrics for Twice’s songs such as “Shot Thru the Heart”, “Turn It Up”, “21:29”, and co-wrote the song “Do what we like”. As for the income from advertising, Sana caught the eye of the luxury brand Prada.  She does not cooperate as an ambassador but still promotes the brand’s products on Twice’s social media accounts.


Minatozaki Sana, who was born in 1996, is one of Twice’s Japanese members. She is the lead dancer and vocalist of Twice. In Gallup Korea’s annual music poll, Sana was voted the 17th most popular idol in Korea.

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