Ryu Jun Yeon and Jeon Yeo Bin confirmed as hosts for the opening ceremony of the 27th Busan International Film Festival

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol and actress Jeon Yeo Bin were selected as hosts for the opening ceremony of the 27th Busan International Film Festival

In the past, Actor Ryu Jun Yeol was invited to the Today-Panorama section of Korean films at the 20th Busan Film Festival with the 2015 project “Glory Day”, and had a meeting with the audience there. Meanwhile, actress Jeon Yeo Bin won Actress of the Year at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival for her role in the 2017 work “After My Death”. The two have since maintained a good relationship with the Busan International Film Festival, and thus, will be selected as hosts for this year’s event, standing in front of numerous filmmakers and audiences on the day of the opening ceremony.

In 2014, Ryu Jun Yeol made his debut with the move “Socialphobia”, before going on to be recognized for his solid acting skills and becoming a household name through various works, including the dramas “Reply 1988” (2015-2016) and “Lucky Romance” (2016), as well as movies like “Dokjeon” (2017), “A Taxi Driver” (2017), and most recently, “Alienoid”, which was released in July 2022. Here, the actor assumed the role of Muruk, a swordsman who wants to acquire a legendary sword, and showed a new acting transformation.

On the other hand, actress Jeon Yeo Bin has drawn rave reviews from the press and critics alike with amazing portrayals and swept awards from leading film festivals with works like “After My Death” (2017), “Night in Paradise” (2020), “Be Melodramatic” (2019), and most recently, “Vincenzo” (2021). 

Now, she is currently filming for the upcoming drama “A Time Called You”, is about about to appear in the 2022 K-drama “Glitch”, which was invited to the on-screen section of this year’s Busan International Film Festival.

The 27th Busan International Film Festival will be held at the Seoul Cinema Center for ten days, starting with the opening ceremony on October 5th (Wednesday) and ending on October 14th (Friday).

Source: daum

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