“Running Man” members transform into historical characters with Jeon So Min as a bride addicted to gambling

“Running Man” will showcase the members’ transformations into historical characters.

The new broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”, which will air on July 16th, will introduce “Joseon version of Tazza” special episode showing the cast transforming into historical drama characters.

This race is known for its situational comedy in which the members transform into “entertainment tazza”. It is expected to be a legendary episode with thrilling twists. 

When the preview of “Running Man” new episode was released at the end of last week’s broadcast, viewers poured various reactions online, saying “The funny thing is the roles suit them perfectly”, “I trust ‘Running Man Tazza’. I’m looking forward to this episode”, etc. This week, the members will shake the entertainment industry with their transformations into Joseon swindlers.

During the recent recording, the members’ appearances after transforming into their characters drew attention. Yoo Jae Suk becomes Yoo Sun Bi, who has learned the art of gambling through writing, Kim Jong Kook appears as the fierce Kim San Jeok, who tears apart both the gambling table and people. Meanwhile, Jeon So Min says, “I’m a bride, but I ran away as I was about to marry someone I don’t love”, presenting a unique situational comedy in which she plays a bride who ends up getting addicted to gambling. 

running man

To become the ultimate swindler, the members will play a card game that requires a high-level psychological battle. If they win the game, they can become a swindler, but if they go bankrupt, they become a slave. Overly immersed in the game, the members say, “Life is about playing in one go”, and continue a thrilling game. In addition, the members use their own skills and tactics to turn the game around, raising the tension of the race. 

The new episode of “Running Man” will air at 6:15 p.m. on July 16th.

Source: Daum

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