Rumors of a married top star having an affair with a female golfer are being raised among netizens

The suspicion of an affair between a married top star and a female professional golfer, which was raised by Woman Sense in February, is being re-examined.

On October 5th, various online communities reported Woman Sense’s article saying that the SNS of female golfer A is being terrorized with malicious comments due to the allegations of her affair with top star B.

According to reports, “a top male star who is already married” was reportedly “dating a young and pretty professional golfer while having a beautiful wife by his side”.

Bi Rain Kim Tae Hee

It is said that golfer A and top star B met each other for the first time at a charity golf tournament and despite the two’s huge age gap, their relationship progressed rapidly thanks to their common interest in golf.

In addition, the top star’s wife is an intelligent beauty, and the golfer and the wife are said to be acquaintances.

While some netizens who encountered this rumor are guessing the identities of top star B and golfer A, focusing on the details in the report. Others are worried that there would be another victim of Internet speculations as the facts have not been confirmed.

Bi Rain Kim Tae Hee

In fact, A’s Instagram account is currently flooded with malicious comments, such as “Is that you?”, “You really look like C (B’s wife)”, “Not you, right?”, “You’re dating that married star, right?”, “I heard the rumors and came here to see your face”, etc.

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