Rumors about the results of the first qualifying round of ‘Girls Planet 999’

If this rumor is true, there will be prominent contestants who have to say goodbye to ‘Girls Planet 999’ when the show is only 1/3 of the way through.

The first round of “Girls Planet 999” called ‘Connect Mission’, with a total of 11 performances for 7 songs by famous idol groups, came to an end in episode 4 aired last weekend. The 5 winning groups were chosen, and they had the advantage of doubling or tripling the votes within 24 hours before the voting closed. In addition, Team 1 “Yes Or Yes” was also selected as the group with the best performance, and they will be performing on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” music show.

The end of the ‘Connect Mission’ is also when 99 contestants have to enter the real battle for survival when the results of the first qualifying round are announced. Before that, fans around the world voted for the contestants through UNIVERSE with 2 steps: Cell vote (each vote is voted for 3 Cells) and individual vote (each vote is voted for 9 contestants: 3K, 3C and 3J). Voting closes on July 28, and the results will be announced in episode 5 aired on September 3.

Before the official results were revealed, social media sites and online forums were soon buzzing with rumors about the ranking of the 99 contestants in the first qualifying round. In particular, there is a rumor originating from DC Inside that is currently receiving a lot of attention from the Korean netizens as well as a large number of international fans. According to this rumor, 17 Cells are moved on and 16 Cells are eliminated (determined by the number of Cell votes on UNIVERSE) respectively arranged in the order below!

  1. Choi Yujin – Chai Bing – May
  2. Jeong Jiyoon – Shu Ruiqi – Ezaki Hikaru
  3. Seo Youngeun – Shen Xiaoting – Kawaguchi Yurina
  4. Kang Yeseo – Huang Shingchiao – Sakamoto Mashiro
  5. Huening Bahiyyih – Hsu Nien Tzu – Sakamoto Shihona
  6. Choi Yeyoung – Chen Xinwei – Kubo Reina
  7. Kim Chaehyun – Li Yi Man – Kuwahara Ayana
  8. Kim Doah – Xu Yi Yin – Arai Risako
  9. Kim Suyeon – Fu Yaning – Nonaka Shana
  10. Ahn Jeongmin – Wang Ya Le – Fujimoto Ayaka
  11. Kim Dayeon – Wu Tammy – Sakurai Miu
  12. Kim Sein – Wen Zhe – Okazaki Momoko
  13. Yoon Jia – Chou Xinzhou – Shima Moka
  14. Guinn Myah – Yang Zige – Kamimoto Kotone
  15. Lee Chaeyun – Liang Zhuo Ying – Kishida Ririka
  16. Kim Bora – Zhang Lou Fi – Hayase Hana
  17. You Dayeon – Xuo Ruo Wei – Kamikura Rei
  18. Huh Jiwon – Chia Yi – Yamauchi Moana
  19. Lee Hyewon – Liang Jiao – Nagai Manami
  20. Joung Min – Liang Qiao – Hayashi Fuko
  21. Sim Seungeun – Jian Zi Ling – Ando Rinka
  22. Kim Hyerim – Ma Yu Ling – Okuma Sumomo
  23. Suh Jimin – Wang Qiu Ru – Ito Miyu
  24. Lee Yeongyung – Xia Yan – Inaba Vivienne
  25. Lee Rayeon – Cui Wen Mei Xiu – Oki Fuka
  26. Lee Sunwoo – Poon Wingchi – Hiyajo Nagomi
  27. Choi Hyerin – Liu Yuhan – Aratake Rinka
  28. Kim Yeeun – Luu Shiqi – Ikema Ruan
  29. Lee Yunji – Gu Yizhou – Murakami Yume
  30. Cho Haeun – Ho Szeching – Kanno Miyu
  31. Han Dana – Lin Chenhan – Kitajima Yuna
  32. Kim Yubin – Lin Shuyun – Nakamura Kyara
  33. Ryu Sion – Chang Ching – Terasaki Hina

Among the 48 eliminated contestants, there will be 3 candidates selected by coaches to stay in the competition. And also according to this rumor, 3 lucky contestants can continue the race at “Girls Planet 999” including Kim Hyerim (K-GROUP), Xia Yan (C-GROUP) and Nagai Manami (J-GROUP). In addition, rumors from DC Inside also revealed the faces in TOP 9 with the highest number of individual votes on UNIVERSE.

  1. Choi Yujin
  2. Huening Bahiyyih
  3. Shu Ruiqi
  4. Sakamoto Mashiro
  5. Ezaki Hikaru
  6. Kim Chaehyun
  7. Kawaguchi Yurina
  8. Xu Yi Zin
  9. Shen Xiaoting
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Although the truth is still unknown, this rumor has soon caused a stir in Korean SNS. Many people were surprised when some prominent and beloved contestants like Huh Jiwon, Lee Hyewon, Lee Rayeon, etc. were in the top eliminated according to this list. Meanwhile, Huening Bahiyyih once again became the subject of fierce controversy when Korean netizens thought that her ranking was too high compared to her visual, talent, and charisma.

  • “Huening..? Please vote based on your ability”
  • “If this rumor is true, then TXT’s international fans are absolutely hopeless ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “Can’t Huening Bahiyyih and Shu Ruiqi be replaced with Kim Dayeon and Kim Suyeon…”
  • “Where did Jiwon go “
  • “If I debut in this top 9, I’ll probably lose it anyway…”
  • “Kim Doah and Kang Yeseo aren’t in the top 9???”
  • “Lee Hyewon and Lee Rayeon will be eliminated I really like Lee Hyewon because she has a very similar vibe to Choi Yoojung”
  • “Xu Yi Yin and Shu Ruiqi are that famous? Why is that??? Do these two have a lot of international fans?”
  • “Wow Choi Yujin “
  • “But why does Huening Bahiyyih get so many votes??? Seeing the show, she’s really unimpressive…”

Until now, all that has been spread on the internet has only stopped at rumors. And fans still have to wait until this Friday to find out exactly which 54 contestants will win the right to continue at “Girls Planet 999”.

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