Rumor of G-Dragon neglecting his pets is debunked after three years 

Three years ago, G-Dragon was under the accusation of neglecting his pets, Gaho and Jolie.

In 2020, G-Dragon was under the accusation of neglecting his two pets Gaho and Jolie. Due to his busy schedule, the rapper brought his two dogs to his parents’ family-run pension. However, leaked photos online showed the two being chained with untrimmed toe nails and sad expressions. Those signs gave rise to the rumor of G-Dragon abandoning his responsibility towards his pets. 


It is much later, recently, a netizen spoke up to clarify the issue. They claimed that G-Dragon and his family did not neglect the dogs and the situation was blown out of proportion. 

Gaho had long toe nails, which could obstruct its mobility 
Two dogs were chained to the dog’s house and carried sad expressions 

As owner of the pension, the poster claimed G-Dragon’s parents took great care of the dogs. The singer himself also visited his pets many times. Other photos showed the dogs having fun in the wild and were not locked up for a long time. 

G-Dragon frequently visited the pension to see his pets. Gaho was seen running around in a photo posted on December 14th, 2022 

Gaho’s toe nails were trimmed. A vet confirmed the dog’s legs to be completely normal. The dog is now 14 years old, surpassing the average lifespan of the Sharpei breed, which is usually around 8 to 12 years. It is also predicted that the dog may not be a big fan of walking, which explains why it is often seen around the dog’s house.

Gaho’s toe nails have been trimmed and the vet confirmed the health of the dog to be perfectly normal 

To wrap up the post, the poster said, as G-Dragon’s parents were in their 70s, they might not care for the dogs in the way younger generations would, but they would never abandon those dogs. In response, readers expressed their agreement and believed the singer still treated his beloved pets well. 

Gaho and Jolie appeared with G-Dragon on the red carpet 

Source: K14

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