Rosé, the Saint Laurent Princess, Steals the Spotlight at the After Party with a Tiny Waist

Blackpink member Rosé showed off her perfect figure and outfit

Recently, a Paris vlog video was uploaded to Rosé’s YouTube channel.

In the video, Rosé attended a fashion show by the brand Saint Laurent, where she is an ambassador. On the day of the show, while getting makeup done, Rosé asked, “Has Jisoo unnie already gone and returned well? I haven’t seen her.” When the makeup staff showed a picture of Jisoo, Rosé smiled and commented, “She went for a rocker feel. I expected a princess, but she went for a rocker, chic look today.”

After getting ready, Rosé expressed her anticipation, saying, “Let’s go. Is it the third show? The fifth show in my life? The fourth? It’s going to be fun.” Later, she confidently faced the press and successfully completed the event.

For the after-party, Rosé changed into a different outfit. She wore a chic black jacket-style dress and added a belt for emphasis.

Rosé said, “I’m going to have fun. Now I’m ready for the after-party,” and added, “This is the outfit,” while capturing her reflection in the mirror as if satisfied with her appearance.

On another day, before attending a cocktail party, she indulged in a mukbang in her room. Staff members praised Rosé, saying, “You eat really well.” Rosé responded, “I’ll try it out,” and proceeded to showcase her own pasta mukbang, mentioning, “Among the countless ramen mukbangs, my favorite is ‘Short-armed Sun.'”

Source: daum

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