Rosé (Black Pink) waited two years to go solo, but YG ‘did not invest’ as much as Jennie

Fans think that Rosé’s solo project is quite meager, the teaser images seem sketchy, lacking investment like Jennie’s solo debut

 After 2 years since the promise to fans, YG finally fulfilled the wish of Black Pink fans: Rosé having a solo debut. The debut as a soloist of BLACKPINK’s main vocalist is receiving huge attention from Kpop fans. This is a project that Rosé and YG have been preparing for a long time, so it promises to bring legit quality.

 According to the announcement, Rosé’s debut single is titled R and will be released on March 16, 4 days after the female idol releases the digital version of the title track. Her single album includes photobook, lyrics sheet, random postcard and polaroid, CD, sticker set and double-sided poster.

Rosé (Black Pink) waited two years to go solo

 However, after YG released a series of teaser photos and information about the album, controversy sparked among fans on social media. Many fans claim that the company did not invest in Rosé’s solo debut as expected. The teaser photos have been criticized for being sketchy, boring and lacking wow factors. Even the naming of single R was criticized for lack of creativity.

 Another reason for fans to get angry with YG is that this company once again “talks the talk but does not walk the walk”. In the summer of 2020, YG used to explain that the reason Rosé continuously had to delay her solo is to have time to prepare an entire album instead of just releasing a single. However, on March 12, Rosé’s solo release will only be a single album (most likely includes only 2 to 3 songs) instead of a whole album as YG once promised.

 Compared to Jennie’s solo debut in November 2018, fans are getting “jealous” because Rosé is not as well “taken care of” by the company as Jennie. Jennie’s teasers were released 2 weeks before, with a variety of concept photos, appealing to not only fans but also muggles.  Meanwhile, the effect of Rosé’s debut was said to “cool down” because it took place after The Show concert, the distance between the single’s release time and the first teaser video’s release time is too long (“Coming Soon” video was published on January 25th but the album is out almost a month and a half later, on March 12).

Rosé (Black Pink) waited two years to go solo

 Some comments: “It feels like Rosé’s concept is too sketchy, still the familiar hair color and dress style”;  “It should at least be a mini album”;  “I don’t think Rosé’s debut will gain much attention anymore. Delay took too long and it will probably lose heat by the time it is released”;  “Rosé should have chosen a better release time”;  “YG please listen to Rosé’s fans. This company is too subjective”;  “If this solo does not go well as expected, Rosé will be under great pressure because Jennie has made an explosive solo debut” …

 It is expected that Rosé’s solo debut will meet “rivals” with March comeback schedules such as IU, Baek Hyun (EXO), Super Junior, Kang Seung Yoon… Let’s wait and see what the main vocalist of Black Pink will bring to the table as a soloist?

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