Rosé became BLACKPINK’s Santa, solved all internal conflict rumors just with one small action

This small action from the BLACKPINK members this Christmas has answered all questions regarding the group’s rumored conflicts.   

Rumors about BLACKPINK’s internal conflict is a very hot topic online for the past few days. Amid many rumors, recently, just with a small action this Christmas, Rosé has proved the close relationship between the BLACKPINK members.

As an affectionate person, this holiday season, Rosé has prepared some sweet handmade presents for her members. She baked some handmade pastries along with cute handmade cards to send her best wishes to her BLACKPINK sisters. Aside from that, Jennie also prepared some special presents, carefully wrapped to deliver to her members. Just with those small actions, the members have solved all rumors regarding their relationships.

blackpink rose
This Christmas, Rosé became Ms. Santa and prepared some handmade gifts for her members.
The BLACKPINK girls obviously have a very tight sisterhood.
Jisoo is still under pressure due to the controversy regarding her drama series which makes her unable to share much on SNS. However, we are sure that she has received the presents from her loving sisters.
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