Lee Chae-yeon revealed her mother’s reaction to “Street Woman Fighter”

Lee Chae-yeon, a former member of IZ*ONE, looked back on her appearance on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter”.  

MBC Every1’s “Tteokbokki Brother“, which aired on Nov 15th, is a show where the host talked with their customers under the theme of “My Chronicles.” Guests include Lee Chae-yeon, who recently appeared in “Street Woman Fighter”, and YGX dancer Isaac.

On the same day, Lee Chae-yeon said, “I can feel the popularity of “Street Woman Fighter” because they recognized me a lot.” Regarding her opportunity to appear, she said, “At first, I thought it was a dance party where some celebrities might appear also. I was expecting it to be a program where people show off their skills while enjoying and compete in good faith,” causing Isaac to laugh.

Lee Chae-yeon revealed her mother’s reaction to “Street Woman Fighter”

Lee Chae-yeon has been pointed out as the weak among dancers in “Street Woman Fighter” and has shown tears several times. When asked, “Wasn’t your mother upset while watching the show?” Lee Chae-yeon said, “My mom said as long as I came out pretty then it was okay” and made people laugh. 

Dancers look strong, but they come from self-respect pride, not to look down on other people. I was depressed, but I felt that they were so cool,” she recalled. 

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