“Physical 100” is like a live-action version of “Squid Game”? PD responds 

“Physical: 100” PD Jang Ho Gi succinctly responded to viewers’ reaction that the show is similar to “Squid Game”.

On February 7th, a press conference was held for Netflix’s entertainment show “Physical: 100” in Jung-gu, Seoul. PD Jang Ho Gi unraveled the behind-the-scenes story of the show’s planning process.

physical 100

“Physical: 100” is a reality survival game show in which 100 people compete to find the contestant with the strongest physical shape. The show has been going viral for the rule that the eliminated contestant has to smash a life-sized sculpture of their own torso with a hammer.

physical 100

Some viewers have pointed out that this rule of “Physical 100” reminds them of the setting of “Squid Game”, in which the losers of the game have to die.

In response, PD Jang Ho Gi explained, “‘Physical: 100’ was planned before ‘Squid Game’.”

jang ho gi

Jang PD then revealed the reason for using the torso in “Physical: 100”, “If you watch the ‘Squid Game’, the losers die. If we just take off the losers’ name tags or say ‘Thank you for your hard work’, it won’t work. So I needed a sharp device.”

squid game

Also, regarding the concept of breaking their life-sized sculpture of their own torso, Jang PD said, “I had to take away the most important thing from the contestants. That was their body. The contestants were in pain, but in the end, only one was left as the last one standing.”

Meanwhile, “Physical: 100”, which is gaining huge popularity, premiered on January 24th and releases two episodes every week.

Source: Insight. 

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