Rookie Seo Yi-seo joins “Wise Resident Life” alongside Go Yoon-jung and Shin Si-ah

Actor Seo Yi-seo has been cast continuously, from KBS’s “Drama Special” to tvN’s new drama “Wise Resident Life”

Seo Yi-seo, who meets the public through KBS’s “Drama Special 2023: Overlap Knife, Knife”, has now been confirmed for a role in tvN’s new drama “Wise Resident Life”, which is scheduled to air next year. His active and diverse acting career is attracting attention.

Seo Yi-seo

In the drama “Overlap Knife, Knife”, which is based on the novel of the same name, Seo Yi-seo plays the role of Chan-seok, who becomes the lover of the female lead Yeon-hee (played by Jo Ah-ram) after saving her from danger. He is expected to portray the character’s gentle and warm charm with his stable vocalization and delicate eye acting, showcasing his potential as an acting talent.

His next project, tvN’s “Wise Resident Life”, depicts the life and friendship of university hospital professors and doctors and is a spin-off of the hit drama “Hospital Playlist”. In this drama, Seo Yi-seo takes on the role of Park Jun-seok, a fourth-year emergency medicine resident.

Seo Yi-seo

Having demonstrated a wide range of charms through various roles, expectations are high for Seo Yi-seo’s transformations in “Overlap Knife, Knife” and “Wise Resident Life”, where he will transcend genres. “Overlap Knife, Knife” was pre-released on Wavve on November 17th and will be broadcast at 11:10 PM on KBS 2TV on December 2nd. “Wise Resident Life” is scheduled to air in the first half of next year on tvN.

Source: Nate

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