Red Velvet’s Joy Allegedly Unfollowing Boyfriend Crush Ignites Breakup Rumor  

Speculation is swirling around that Red Velvet’s Joy may have recently unfollowed Crush on Instagram

On December 2, gossip about Joy hitting the unfollow button on her boyfriend Crush circulated. Although Crush’s Instagram account mysteriously vanished from Instagram, rumor has it that Joy unfollowed him before this. While some claim that Joy initiated the unfollowing, it’s worth noting that even Joy’s stylist has deactivated or deleted their account.

This buzz has triggered widespread discussions on the potential split of the celebrity couple.

Crush and Joy confirmed their relationship in 2021, initially drawing significant support from the public. However, at this point, not many fans, particularly of Joy, are supportive of the relationship as Crush drew criticism for laughing at jokes disrespecting Joy. 

Source: koreaboo

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