Red Velvet’s Irene Proves Her “3rd Gen Top Visual” Status Once Again

Since her debut, Red Velvet’s Irene’s face card has never declined

Recently, Red Velvet made a comeback with their latest full album, “Chill Kill.” Through this release, the group’s strengths in terms of concept have once again shone through, attracting considerable attention from music fans and industry professionals alike. 

Despite being in their 9th year of activity, Red Velvet, especially the “3rd Gen Top Visual” Irene, has never lost her beauty. At the recent Superbound Festival in Thailand, Irene once again created a buzz on social media with her flawless appearance, deserving the title of the “original visual.”

Irene’s enchanting beauty combined with a bright smile
Irene radiates in a graceful look.

In the event, Irene donned two outfits, both predominantly white. In every pose, the female idol captivates the spotlight with her radiant beauty and mesmerizing charm that dazzles fans. It’s no surprise that her images from this event have become the talk of the town. 

Irene radiates in a graceful look.
Irene’s enchanting moments at the Superbound Festival.

What’s more special is Irene’s performance outfit, which emphasizes her elegant and beautiful princess-like appearance. Now in her 30s, Irene maintains a youthful beauty as if still in her early twenties, and her appearance has becomes even more graceful, helping her maintain the title of “3rd Gen Top Visual”

Irene’s radiant visual.

Source: K14

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