Red Velvet Yeri: “I started acting with an attitude of being ready to receive criticism”

Magazine Beauty+ released pictorials of Red Velvet’s youngest member Yeri, and an interview with her.

Appearing at the studio with the excitement of shooting pictorials for the first time in a while, Yeri perfectly pulled off the Christmas style, together with the “Party On My Own” concept. Yeri appeared stunningly in various outfits, from a lively tartan check dress to a golden velvet suit to complete her unrivaled visual with a year-end party mood.

Party On My Own concept Red Velvet Yeri

Starting her acting career this year through tvN’s “Drama Stage 2021 – Mint Condition” and web drama “Blue Birthday”, Yeri proudly expressed her feelings, “It was my first time challenging myself with acting so I started with an attitude of being ready to receive criticism. I was really amazed that the reactions turned out to be so good. Before that, I used to be cold to myself, but now I want to compliment myself for working hard and having done a great job”.

In addition, Yeri said, “The most attractive thing about acting is that if you focus on the moment, you can get the results you want. I suffered a hard time physically and mentally, but I keep on falling in love with acting”. When asked about the next role she wanted to play, Yeri shared, “In a few more years, I will be older and cannot look good in school uniforms anymore, so I want to play a student one more time. Since I have done a drama with time leaps, so how about a historical drama?”

Party On My Own concept Red Velvet Yeri

Yeri, who is known for her cheerful and energetic image as the youngest member of Red Velvet, is now showing more deep concerns about herself. Yeri said, “I feel that I have changed a lot recently. I often hear my friends commented saying I have become healthier and more energetic than before”, and expressed her desire to find out happiness in small things. When asked about who might affect Yeri in the future, she replied, “I always want to be with people who make me feel happy and comfortable just by looking at them. Someone like Santa Claus.”

Meanwhile, Yeri is loved by people for her bright and positive vibe as the youngest member of the 5-member girl group Red Velvet. Yeri has proved her presence in the group by changing her appearance and images from time to time. Moreover, she is also expanding her potential as an actor by showing a lot of emotional expressions through tvN’s “Drama Stage 2021 – Mint Condition” and web drama “Blue Birthday”, which aired this year.

Red Velvet Yeri

These pictorials of Red Velvet Yeri with a Christmas vibe can be found in the December issue of Beauty+, their official website, and SNS.

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