Record-breaking “Celebrity” star who publicly dated 5 times, most scandalous relationship took place after T-ARA Jiyeon 

Lee Dong Gun has gained a bad reputation for dating publicly 5 times, but none worked out. 

Dating in the entertainment industry is a sensitive topic. However, Lee Dong Gun was bold enough to go public about his relationships 5 times, but with no happy ending in return. Not only that, his image is also tainted in the public eye after several failed relationships. 

Kim Min Jung 

Lee Dong Gun first publicly dated Kim Min Jung. They started meeting up in May 2002 after working on an MBC project. Both Kim Min Jung and Lee Dong Gun were rookie actors at the time, so their relationship did not gather much attention. They broke up after 1 year and a half due to different personalities. 

Kim Min Jung and Lee Dong Gun
Kim Min Jung and Lee Dong Gun

Han Ji Hye 

Han Ji Hye and Lee Dong Gun were the most-talked-about couples in the 2000s. They joined the cast of “Sweet 18” and dated in real life. They frequently talked about each other in public event appearances. Later, the two worked together in “My Boyfriend is Type B.” 

In January 2008, the actress deleted all photos of the actor on her personal SNS and announced they broke up. While the stars themselves did not reveal the reason, it was reported to be their busy schedules that limited their time for each other. Nonetheless, they remain close friends. Han Ji Hye was one of the first people who came to Lee Dong Gun’s brother’s funeral to extend her condolences. 

Han Ji Hye 
Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye were a buzzworthy couple back in the day 
Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye
The couple publicly showed affection at events 

Cha Ye Ryun 

Lee Dong Gun dated Cha Ye Ryun, who is 5 years younger than him, in 2008. Jongang Ilbo reported that they had been friends with the same group for years. Ye Ryun was beside the actor and comforted him through the passing of his brother. They developed feelings and became closer after acting in “Star’s Lovers.” 

Cha Ye Ryun 

The couple was seen at coffee shops and restaurants. In their two years of being together, Dong Gun and Ye Ryun tried various ways to overcome their differences and mend their relationship, but to no avail. In 2010, Lee Dong Gun joined the military, and the couple broke up. 

T-ARA Jiyeon 

Lee Dong Gun started dating T-ARA Jiyeon in July 2015 after a paparazzi caught an intimate photo of the two at a restaurant. They grew closer after working on “Encounter.” 


In contrast to other relationships, Lee Dong Gun’s relationship with Jiyeon was met with backlash. The public belittled Jiyeon for her idol background and criticized her due to the ongoing bullying controversy in T-ARA at the time. They also took jabs at Lee Dong Gun for dating a woman 13 years younger than him. 

Jiyeon cried on livestream after nonstop attack about her relationship with Lee Dong Gun 
Jiyeon cried on livestream after nonstop attack about her relationship with Lee Dong Gun 

Hurt by the constant cyber attack, Jiyeon once cried on livestream. In light of the event, Lee Dong Gun publicly said he was not bugged by the age gap; in fact, he revealed himself to be the “immature” one in the relationship and had to rely on her on a lot of matters. In return, Jiyeon complimented her partner to be considerate and caring. However, the couple broke up in 2017 due to busy schedules. 

Jo Yoon Hee 

26 days after breaking up with Jiyeon, Lee Dong Gun was exposed to be dating Jo Yoon Hee – his co-star in “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop.” Three months later, they announced marriage, and the bride was two months into her pregnancy. Netizens criticized Lee Dong Gun for cheating and Jo Yoon Hee to be the third wheel. 

Jo Yoon Hee 

Overcome hate and criticism, in December 2017, Lee Dong Gun welcomed his first child. Three years later, the actor divorced his wife. He admitted to having wronged her in many ways, such as forgetting their anniversary or making her feel insignificant. 

Lee Dong Gun lost custody of his child after the divorce. However, Jo Yoon Hee agreed to co-parent with him to raise their daughter. After 3 years, he returned with “Celebrity.” In explaining the hiatus, the actor said he wanted to take good care of his daughter during the early stages of her life. He added that, while he could not be with her all the time, he tried to make her feel less sad and lonely for not having a father figure.

Source: KB 

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