“Reborn Rich” – “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”: Same rating, different situations

“Song Joong Ki’s skin and Kim Hye Soo’s eyebrows”

JTBC’s “Reborn Rich” is hot in many ways. It recorded the highest rating of 14.9% (based on Nielsen Korea) after 6 episodes.

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However, there are not only good issues. The high ratings mean that many people are watching and paying attention. And that shows that viewers’ standards can become stricter.

One of the strict standards has spread to the controversy over post-correction of “Reborn Rich”.

“Reborn Rich” is a fantasy drama that centers around a secretary of a chaebol family (Yoon Hyun Woo) living his second life after being reincarnated as the youngest son of that chaebol family (Jin Do Joon). Because of this, 38-year-old Song Joong Ki is currently playing college student Jin Do Joon.

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In addition, since the background is the past, the overall screen of “Reborn Rich” is dreamy and hazy. In this situation, compared to other actors playing characters of similar ages as them, excessive skin correction is being applied to Song Joong Ki to give off a unique feeling of the past.

There is an opinion that Song Joong Ki is breaking viewers’ immersion level. Netizens are raising their voices of criticism, such as “He’s breaking viewers’ immersion level by himself“, “The post-correction is serious” and “What’s wrong with his skin color?

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However, tvN’s “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” does not even have this controversy. It is thanks to Kim Hye Soo, who instilled the soul of acting into each eyebrow.

In “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, Kim Hye Soo plays Queen Im Hwa Ryeong. This work received overwhelming attention even before its start because it is the historical drama Kim Hye Soo chose 20 years after the drama “Jang Hee Bin”.

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Kim Hye Soo raised and lowered her eyebrows with Queen’s unique charisma, attracting viewers’ attention. In particular, she secured details that did not trim fine eyebrow hairs, leading viewers to immerse themselves in the historical drama. It must have been a difficult choice for her as an actress.

Thanks to her sincerity, the ratings of “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” are also skyrocketing. “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, which started on Oct 15th with a rating of 7.6%, recorded the highest rating of 14.1% in episode 14. Expectations are high on how much viewership ratings will soar for the remaining 2 episodes.

Under the Queen's Umbrella- Kim Hye Soo

Although “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” and “Reborn Rich” have the same rating of 14%, their situations are somehow different.

Source: Nate

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