Must celebrities reveal their reason for not attending others’ wedding ceremonies?

Nowadays, celebrities who couldn’t attend their best friend’s wedding due to unavoidable circumstances have to disclose their reasons for not attending.

T-ARA Ji Yeon and baseball player Hwang Jae Kyun tied the knot on December 10th amid many people’s congratulations. However, there were some uninvited guests who troubled the bride on such a happy day, which is the rumor of T-ARA’s discord as a member didn’t come to Ji Yeon’s wedding. Rumors of T-ARA’s internal conflict and business relationship arose when So Yeon, a former member, did not come while other T-ARA members Hyo Min, Eun Jung, and QRi attended the wedding.

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However, So Yeon is currently staying in Jeju Island for her husband Cho Yu Min’s recovery and rest as he just returned home from the 2022 Qatar World Cup. It would have been difficult for her to fly to Seoul alone without properly welcoming her husband, who did his best as a member of the national football team for the honor of the country. So Yeon is revealing her recent daily life in Jeju on social media, but she was criticized for not congratulating Ji Yeon on her SNS. However, isn’t it up to the parties themselves whether they contact the bride personally or upload their congratulation on public SNS?

The irony is that some netizens are raising rumors of discord while Ji Yeon and So Yeon, those who are actually involved, are simply staying still. In fact, even if they have grown apart, it is natural for even family members to be unable to participate in group activities. Also, after T-ARA‘s reorganization into a four-member group, minor changes may have occurred among the members. Forcing celebrities to always maintain a group image on their album cover is an excessive demand.

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Singer and actress Son Dam Bi also had to suffer from rumors of conflicts with her friends. Many speculated that the absence of Gong Hyo Jin and Jeong Ryeo Won, who were known as the bride’s best friends, at Son Dam Bi and Lee Kyu Hyuk’s wedding in May may have indicated a crack between them. Son Dam Bi has introduced them as her special friends as they went on group trips and spent the holidays together, so their absence was bound to draw attention. In response, Son Dam Bi eventually said on the day of the wedding, “That’s ridiculous. It’s not true at all, so I hope there’s no misunderstanding,” she explained. However, about five months later, at Gong Hyo Jin’s wedding in October, Jeong Ryeo Won even flew to the U.S. for the ceremony, strengthening the rumor of discord among them.

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Even now, the truth of what happened between them has not been revealed. However, what is certain is that Son Dam Bi, Gong Hyo Jin, and Jeong Ryeo Won are all happily doing well. Even if their current friendship is not doing well, there is no reason for the public to dig into the inside story. Also, just because the public is curious, it is not necessary to check who attended and who did not attend the wedding. Even if they prove their reasons for not attending, the public is always ready to jump into the provocative controversy of “discord.” This is why the parties choose to remain silent even at the risk of damaging their image.

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Guests who have been to celebrity weddings say, “All weddings eventually come down to convenient transportation and delicious food. All I remember is a similar white dress and a black tuxedo. There is no gossip among the guests who took their time to attend, so is there any reason for the ‘online guests’ who have not even seen the invitation to find those who are absent and question their reasons?”

Source: Newsen

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