Unfazed vs Worried: ITZY’s Yuna and Chaeryeong’s Reaction to Wardrobe Malfunction Draw Attention

Faced against a wardrobe malfunction while performing, ITZY's Yuna and Chaeryeong cracked fans up with their completely different reactions.

Girl group ITZY recently started their world tour “BORN TO BE” with 2 nights at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

Amid a performance, however, the string for Yuna’s stop suddenly became undone. Fortunately, Chaeryeong was able to see the situation and rushed to help Yuna fix the wardrobe malfunction. 


Meanwhile, Yuna, who got to the center of the stage at the time, seemed completely unfazed. Whilst Chaeryeong constantly moved to be able to fix the top, Yuna just kept slaying and dancing without pausing. 

Yuna even started walking as if she’s completely unaware, whereas Chaeryeong still maintained her patience even as she struggled to tie the top string together. 


Later on, when footage of this scene is spread on SNS platform X (formerly Twitter), fans cannot help but laugh out loud, finding it hilarious that Chaeryeong looked more worried than Yuna, who just kept dancing. 

On the other hand, many express worries about Yuna’s wardrobe malfunction, claiming that the string top is too flimsy to be worn for performance, especially when considering ITZY’s heavy choreography. 

Source: X, Krb

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