Reasons Why Park Min Young’s ‘Marry My Husband’ Reminds Us of Song Joong Ki’s ‘Reborn Rich’

Hit 2022 drama ‘Reborn Rich‘ and the ongoing drama ‘Marry My Husband,’ which showed a steep rise in popularity in just two weeks of broadcasting, provide viewers with similar yet different entertainment.

tvN’s ‘Marry My Husband’ follows Kang Ji-won (Park Min Young), who witnesses the infidelity of her close friend and husband and is murdered on that day, goes back ten years to seek revenge in her second life. ‘Marry My Husband’ recorded a rating of 7.9% in episode 4, showing a 2.4% increase from 5.2% recorded in episode 1.

Watching ‘Marry My Husband’ reminds viewers of JTBC’s ‘Reborn Rich.’ ‘Reborn Rich’, a reborn fantasy genre drama, depicts the stories of Jin Do-jun (Song Joong Ki) and Jin Yang-cheol (Lee Sung-min) and the upheaval in a chaebol family. It recorded a final episode viewership rating of 26.9%, claiming the title of the highest viewership rating for a mini-series in 2022.

marry my husband

Both ‘Reborn Rich’ and ‘Marry My Husband’ have the basic structure of seeking “revenge” as the main character experiences their second life. ‘Marry My Husband’ depicts Kang Ji-won, who was murdered by her husband and close friend, returning to the past ten years ago to seek revenge. ‘Reborn Rich’ portrays Jin Do-jun, who was exploited, being murdered and reverting to the youngest son of a chaebol family to carry out revenge.

The fact that both dramas are based on web novels is another similarity. Both ‘Reborn Rich’ and ‘Marry My Husband’ are based on web novels of the same name. 

With a solid storyline from the original novels and an existing fanbase, it was relatively easy for these dramas to capture the audience’s interest. The performances of top actors are also highlighted as a common point in both dramas.

However, considering the aspect of a second life and revenge, ‘Marry My Husband’ and ‘Reborn Rich’ are not identical. While the basic framework is similar, ‘Marry My Husband’ distinguishes itself by presenting a more upgraded drama in the reborn genre, with differences in the situations the main character faces and how they carry out their revenge.

Marry My Husband

The most significant point may seem to be Yoon Hyun-woo reverting to Jin Do-jun in ‘Reborn Rich’ and Kang Ji-won remaining as Kang Ji-won in ‘Marry My Husband,’ but the focal points are different. 

‘Reborn Rich’ follows Jin Do-jun, who, after reverting to the youngest son of a chaebol family, creates cracks in the chaebol succession process by foreseeing future events and exposing the power struggles among companies, thus touching on modern history. 

On the other hand, ‘Marry My Husband’ introduces a different aspect of entertainment by transforming personal dark histories, not major events or chaebol power struggles, into history.

Furthermore, the expression of ‘fate’ in each drama is different. The aspect of changing fate to one’s advantage for revenge is similar. However, in ‘Marry My Husband,’ events that occurred must inevitably happen, and even if the protagonist does not experience them, they become reality when someone else goes through them. Therefore, the drama involves a strategic mental battle to make others experience the dark histories that happened to oneself. In contrast, ‘Reborn Rich’ predicts events that will happen to Jin Do-jun in advance, turning them into his own history and using them for revenge.

Reborn Rich

Both dramas follow the storyline of the original novels while adding their own interpretations. This aspect is also noteworthy in how they differ. ‘Reborn Rich,’ for instance, received criticism for deviating from the original ending. Having seen both the praises and criticism of ‘Reborn Rich,’ viewers now await how ‘Marry My Husband’ will continue its story and conclude.

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Marry My Husband’ airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8:50 PM KST.

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