Jeon Somi complains about difficulties in getting close to Taeyeon, “She’s too introverted”

Singer Jeon Somi described Taeyeon’s existence as a tree

The September 9th broadcast of tvN’s program “Amazing Saturday” featured Koyote’s Bbaek Ga, Jeon Somi, and Jung Dong Won as guests.

That day, MC Boom said to Jeon Somi, “You can get along well with any hot female idol of the MZ Generation, but you were a bit upset because you failed to get close to Taeyeon the last time you came here, right?”

jeon somi

In response, Jeon Somi confessed, “Taeyeon unnie is like a big tree to me. Even if I try 10 times, it’s still a little hard for me to approach her”, adding “I don’t think I can text her so I’ve actually set a goal to flirt with her today”

Boom continued asking, “Normally, if you keep doing it, a meeting would be possible. You didn’t get to meet her in private?”. Jeon Somi regretfully replied, “I tried to approach her a few times but I don’t think I would be able to hang out with her because she’s too introverted”.

Hearing that, Taeyeon explained, “It’s not that I didn’t want to meet her, but my personality is a little bit…”. She turned to Jeon Somi and asked, “Would you like to visit my house? Just come to my house. I’d prefer to meet you at home”.

Key, known as Taeyeon’s best friend, commented, “She’s really a tree, but a tree that does not leave the house”. Taeyeon admitted, “I’m a tree that does not need sunlight”. Key continued, “I visited her house to eat jjajangmyeon during the Chuseok holiday”. Taeyeon also revealed that she doesn’t leave her house even on days off and during holidays.

Boom then advised Jeon Somi, “Taeyeon tends to use all her energy for singing and broadcasts, so she would collapse if she had to meet someone outside”. Hearing that, Jeon Somi told Taeyeon that she would visit her during Chuseok, saying “That would be a better option”, drawing laughter.

Source: Daum

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