Rapper in BTS Jungkook’s “Seven” faces controversy for mocking Asians

As BTS Jungkook releases his solo single “Seven”, past remarks made by rapper Latto, who featured in the song, have come to light.

On July 14th, Jungkook released his first solo single, “Seven”, along with its music video, marking the beginning of his solo activities.

Although Jungkook has previously demonstrated his potential as a solo artist through self-composed songs like “Still With You” and “My Time”, this is his official solo debut, garnering attention both in and outside of Korea.

Following the release of “Seven”, the song’s featuring artist, Latto, has become a hot topic. It is known that Latto previously achieved 3rd place on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and is also nominated for “Best New Artist” at the Grammy Awards this year.

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Jungkook expressed satisfaction with Latto’s featuring, stating, “Latto’s style blends well with ‘Seven,’ enhancing the charm of the song.”

However, some netizens have raised concerns by bringing up Latto’s past remarks, which are racially insensitive. In particular, back in 2015, she published several content mocking Asians on her Twitter. It seems that Latto herself is aware of the criticism, and is now deleting these posts. 

On the other hand, Jungkook’s “Seven” combines a catchy melody with warm acoustic guitar and rhythmic elements from the UK Garage genre.


Regarding the song, Jungkook expressed his confidence, saying, “As soon as I heard (the song) for the first time, I thought, ‘I have to do this. It’s so good.’”.

“I don’t usually get hooked on songs immediately, but this one was really good, and I couldn’t help but think of myself performing it on stage,” he also added.

Meanwhile, the MV for “Seven” also starred actress Han So Hee appeared, whilst the song lyrics depicted the desire to be together with a loved one throughout the week.

Source: Daum 

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