Rain was shocked when the production team asked Sandara Park about ‘sex before relationship’ issue (Season B Season)

Sandara Park surprised Rain as she brought up the topic of ‘having sex before a relationship’ in “Season B Season” new video.

On October 13th, a video titled “Big senior Rain who made Sandara Park overeat” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Season B Season”. Sandara Park appeared as a guest for Rain’s Kitchen.

Sandara Park Rain

In the video, the production team asked Sandara Park, “In yesterday’s light easter video, you said having sex before a relationship is possible. Having sex before a relationship!”. As soon as he heard that, Rain was so shocked that he couldn’t close his mouth.

Sandara Park Rain

He then said to the production team, “Let me talk to you right now. Come here for a moment”, drawing laughter.

Sandara Park then said, “So nowadays… it’s called ‘having sex before a relationship’”, adding “I used to never allow that. But now, if you end up like that, just do it and you can have a relationship afterward.”

Sandara Park Rain

When Rain asked, “That means you’re in a hurry. You want to have a relationship fast, right?”, Sandara Park replied, “Can you set me up in a blind date? You must have friends younger than you, right? I like someone younger who’s cute and tough”. Rain smiled and said, “Shall we talk privately?”.

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